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Work Examples

I have manufactured some examples of work I have done.  Any proprietary data has been removed.  Please feel free to look the examples over and see if my work meets your standards.

  1. A report I did on a problem with a relay actuating coil releasing the energy it still had stored after the catch diode quit conducting. 
  2. This is a guideline I wrote for for some of my colleagues as my design team went to PC board layout for an instrument we were designing.
  3. This is the text of a published design idea.  This gives low drop out linear regulators an 'early warning system' indicating that the current into the regulator is falling off before the voltage output collapses.  This idea was published in Electronic Design April 20, 1998.  I authored another design idea published in the same magazine February 18, 1993 (Current Source Adjusts For Offset).  
  4. And this is the text of a memo I did when a colleague gave me a hand full of components to characterize with no further information about why he needed this.