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Describing The Work
The Work Proposal

Here are the details of my business proposal.  There are four pieces to the process.  The first is defining the work.  I know that this is often a difficult task and I will be happy to help with this.  Please don't let this be a hurdle in the process.  I am here to get your work done easier and faster.  If work definition is part of that task, I will do what I can to help.

In the second part, I estimate the time and costs of doing the proposed work.  I try to make this part quick.  My deliverable to the client at this point is a quote for money and time and a list of final project deliverables. When the client agrees with the quote I give them, I do the work.  When I have finished, I tell the client, they pay me and I ship them the deliverables

See the details of each of these processes by clicking the hyperlinks in the text.  If you have other questions please e-mail me.