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This is the Analog-guy web site.  My goal is to provide you the fastest and easiest web based analog circuit design possible.  The site shows customers how to get the process started, services I offer, some work examples and a list of my patents.

I am John Stoughton and this is my business web site.  I am an electronic circuit designer who has been doing analog circuit design for 20 years.  This site offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to purchase my services in the easiest possible way.  My goal is to get client's work done in the shortest possible time for a reasonable cost.  

Am I the best analog circuit designer in the world?  No, probably not.  But I hold my own.  I have 13 US patents with many others pending.  I have had Design Ideas published twice by industry magazines (Electronic Design).  I like circuit design and I am pretty good at it.  I have been a design engineer in both the consumer electronics and the medical electronics sectors.  It has been my experience that folks with my skills are difficult to find in the market.  Often they can not be found at all.  This problem seems to be getting worse as time goes on.  The educational institutions in the US seem to be graduating fewer and fewer engineers with an interest in or skill at analog circuit design.  

At the same time, I prefer to work from my home office and see an opportunity to offer a valuable skill at a reasonable cost while doing that.  Analog-guy.com lets me do this while keeping marketing costs low and keeping my business small enough to let me work at the speed I like with the honesty I need.  

The reason for analog-guy.com is simple.  I see a lot of business environments where having an analog circuit designer on staff is not practical.  I also see a lot of talented circuit designers and programmers who have basically the same education as I do, but don't have the experience to 'do' an analog design.  Often they could get a circuit into a product, but coming up with the idea may seem impossible at the onset of a program.  One could hire a contract analog circuit design guy if you could find one, but contract engineers have quite an overhead themselves with the per diems, HR costs and the like.  So I think I have a better way.  

If a customer can describe what they need, I will give them an estimate of what it will take me to do their task.  I report this to the customer and after we agree on a time frame, the deliverables needed and a cost, I do the work.  When the work is completed, I inform my client.  After that, the client pays me by PayPal and I deliver the work.  While I always enjoy repeat customers, our relationship is then done.  There is no awkward firing of the consultant or finding extra work to fill out the contract when the work is done.  I know what my work is and you stop paying when I am done.

Please explore my site.  If it looks like I have something to offer you, please contact me and I will be happy to look at the work you may need my services for.